Use our postal address for free*!
Our Canadian parcel and parcel service is there for you no matter where you are.
This is Your Secondary Address!


1Does your service are safe and secure ?
Sure, Your mail is handled in a private, secure fashion by experienced, bonded professionals. The confidentiality of mail processing is our major concern.
2Is there a membership or a registration fee for using “Your secondary address”?
No, it’s free. You can use Your Secondary Address as much as you want. You will only have to pay for the shipping or the pick-up fee.
3I am an expat coming back to Canada. I want to send back some of my personal goods to Canada and avoid paying extra charge to the Airline company but I have nobody home to received them. Can you help me?
Yes, you simply have to use “Your Secondary Address” and send us your instruction by email. We’ll take good care of your goods until you get back home! Storage fees can be applied.
4I want to buy a product from an online company but the seller doesn’t ship to UK. Can I use “Your Secondary Address” and get my package forwarded to me after?
Of course! Your Secondary Address will forward your package to you worldwide, regardless of where you are located.
5Do you accept credit card payment.
Unfortunately, we only accept Paypal payment. A Paypal payment request will be sent to you by email. This can be done even if you don’t have a Paypal account. From there, you will be able to use your credit card. Cash payment will be accepted for pick- up service only.
6I am buying several items online from different websites. Would you mind waiting until you receive them all and consolidate them into one before doing the forwarding?
No problem, we’ll wait for the reception of your all packages and forward them consolidated once we have them all. This way, you will save money on the shipping cost. You will have to pay for the consolidation of your items and for the required shipping supplies.
7Do you do accept special request?
Yes, as long as it is legal! There is no foolish request for Your secondary request.
8I am selling products on Amazon.ca. Do you accept returns from Amazon?
Yes, it is possible to use “Your Secondary Address” for Amazon return from clients.
9I am in the USA and I want to send letters to my clients from Canada so I can get the Canada Post mark on the stamps. Is this something you can do?
Yes, you simply have to register and send us your pre-addressed letters. Once we’ll receive them, we’ll put the appropriate postage, send you a payment request and give them to Canada Post as soon as we receive your payment.
10I have several envelopes to send to Canada. If I send them to you in a single envelope, could you mail them for me so I can save money on stamps cost?
Yes, we offer re-mailing service for customer and business.
11Do I have to register each time I want to use “Your Secondary Address” services?
No, you can use our service as often as you need. However, we ask our clients to send us an email (with their client number) to let us know they will receive a package.
12Can I pass by to pick-up my package?
Yes, you can. There is a fee of 10$ for pick-up service.
13Can I pay with cash money?
Cash payment is accepted in person only (Pick-up).
14Can you use my Fedex account to forward my package?
15Which carrier are you using for the package and mail forwarding.
We use Fedex, DHL and Canada Post (for letters only, max 500 gr.).
16Are you offering the scan to email service for letters.
17I want to use your service for buying a gift to my mother living in Canada. On reception of my package, can you remove all the labels, the invoice, add a letter to the package and then get it forwarded to her?
Yes, we’ll make sure she gets it just as you wish!

You have a special request; just contact us! We love unusual demands, we’ll find a solution that will fit to your needs!
"Your Secondary Address" team.