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Our team is dedicated to providing the best courier and parcel forwarding service available in Canada.


HowYour Secondary Address
can help you

● You want to do online shopping on a Canadian website and get your package forwarded to you anywhere worldwide.
● You won’t be home for receiving your shipment and you don’t want it left on the porch of your front door and take the risk to be stolen or damaged.
● You are using an online platform to sell in Canada and you need a mailing address in Canada (ex.:Amazon) for your returns.
● You don’t want to publish your residential address online.
● And so many other excellent reasons.


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Your Secondary Address has the solution and the level of reliability you need for all your postal service needs. Entrust us with your mail or parcel forwarding.

Your Secondary Addressis a family owned business. This why we are so involved in our clients’ satisfaction that always been the key to our success. Our company is operated by International Mail Forwarding Network and registered in Canada ( 9301- 3944 Qc Inc.) since 1996.
Our team is dedicated to provide the best mail forwarding service available in Canada.
Our mission : is to offer a full range of mailing solution for individuals or businesses looking for a mailing address and a postal service in Canada at the lowest cost on the market.

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